Best Places to Live in Essex County Outside Windsor, Ontario

Best Places in Essex County Outside Windsor, Ontario

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Kingsville is a gem hidden in plain sight, and once you’ve been here, it’ll be hard to argue. It’s home to one of the largest Folk music festivals in Canada, and is a great opportunity to see big names and discover lesser known artists. Colasanti’s is always a highlight of the region, with excellent food, shopping and recreation for people of all ages. For the nature lovers, Jack Miner Sanctuary is a great lace to see the migration of the bird every fall as well as the local wildlife.

Looking for some hearty meals while out on the town? Downtown Kingsville offers a variety of treats and eats for everyone. You can enjoy local Lake Erie Perch at Jack’s Gastropub, a refreshing beer and pizza at the Grove (where you can book a hotel room if you want to stay the night), homemade chocolates with unique flavours at Dutch Boys Chocolate, or a slice of cake at King’s Bake Shop. and this is only scratching the surface of what’s available.



If you’re looking for a close knit sense of community, Essex is the place to be. This town is filled with so much history that it connects the community in a way that is hard to find anywhere else in the county. Institutions such as the Essex Train Station, Essex Arena, and Mama’s Place are great places to visit, especially at night for when the 73’s play every Wednesday. You can also enjoy events like Essex Fun Fest and Cruise Nights in the summer that showcase the best of the Essex Community.

That doesn’t mean that everything in Essex has been around for 50+ years. Some of the most prominent businesses have only been around for a short time. Billy’s Taphouse is a relatively new restaurants but specializes in getting everything from produce to meat to cream locally in the Essex. There is also Brenko’s, a pizza place that makes some of the craziest pizza in Essex County. Be sure to try the Nacho Average Taco or the Snake Bite if you can handle heat.



A great first step for new explorers, Tecumseh is a close and comfortable way to escape the city. What better way to escape than with a movie at Imagine Cinemas, where you can enjoy your favourite movies in theatres that relax you. Enjoy restaurants like Spitfire Pub, Vang’s, and Tabouli by Eddy’s beforehand or afterwards to create the perfect date night.

There’s more to Tecumseh than just a good place to have dates. The Tecumseh Night Markets are a great way for small businesses to show off their new products that customers love. There is also the Cornfest at the end of summer where you can enjoy one of Essex County’s favourite treats along with fun live shows and rides for the children. Finally, take a stroll on a paddle board or a canoe at Urban Surf and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset in the best way possible.



If you are looking to live a healthy or healthier lifestyle, Lasalle is the perfect place to get started. This area is known for having multiple gyms such as Crunch and F45 Lasalle within a small radius to help you get in shape, but that’s not all that comes with health and fitness. There are also nutrition stores, chiropractors, massage therapists, and alternative therapies like FLOAT and Limber for Life in the area to help you live your best body. There are even personal trainers and gyms in the Vollmer Complex, along with soccer fields, baseball fields, and a splash pad to fit your lifestyle.

Looking for a way to treat yourself after a workout? Lasalle has you covered. Enjoy some pizza at Slice of Pi, BBQ at Springwell, or a high end meal at L.A Town and Grill. If you’re looking for something that involves food and fun, the Lasalle Strawberry Festival is a great way to enjoy summer treats, games, music, live shows, and rides.



Last, but not least comes the hidden gem along the Detroit River, Amherstburg. A long time ago, Amherstburg was the biggest city in Essex County, but now it is a town filled with old history and new ideas. This is where you can check out Fort Malden and relive the days of 1812 on the Detroit River. If you want to view the river just by itself, King’s Navy Yard is a great way to showcase the waterfront and the view of Boblo Island.

The waterfront is also where you’ll find some of Amherstburg’s best food and festivals. The Canada Day Ice Cream Festival and the Uncommon Festival are known far and wide around Essex County for showing off the best of the county, even through the later has been around for only 2 years. If you’re looking for good food in the area, try out Artisan Grill or Beacon Ale House. Both other unique tastes on comfort food that will help warm your soul. After you’re done your meal, you can enjoy a good coffee at Caffeine and Co. or have some exciting fun at The Fort with laser tag, bowling, and arcade games.

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