Five Ways to Sell Your House For More Money

Five Ways to Sell Your House For More Money

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These 5 small things can make the difference between getting your asking price and getting more than you asked for.

Make It Spotless

Presentation is key, and a clean house is the first step towards a strong presentation. Sweep, dust, vacuum, scrub, and make sure the home is spotless, as a clean home is a happy home, and happy homes bring in happy customers. Hiring a cleaning service is strongly recommended, for that extra professional touch.

Clean Up The Yard

A strong first impression is important, and in real estate, it starts with the yard. Buyers see a well maintained yard as an advantage of living in a suburban area, and can be the factor that makes or breaks a potential deal. Mow the lawn, trim the trees, rake the leaves, and show you care as much about the outside of the home as you do about the inside.

Fix the Details

While a fixer upper may be an intriguing challenge for some, most home buyers prefer a
space that’s ready to live in from day one. It’s important to make sure all mechanical aspects of the home are working to full capacity. Make sure all lightbulbs are new, the water and heat are working, and everything is up to code before you present to interested buyers.

No More Clutter!

To keep your home as the main focus of any walkthroughs, it’s important to remove any
potential distractions. Limiting furniture and appliances to the necessities make it easier to focus of the features of the home, such as the floor, shelves and counter space. In addition, it allows clients an opportunity to develop their vision for the home with a clear canvas.

Depersonalize Your Space

Selling is about the customer, not you. Keeping your own items in the house for a showing may seem endearing, but can be seen as an inability to let go and could ward off potential buyers. Put away the family photos and personal mementos and focus on the future of the house, not the past.

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